Outgoing Email Delivery

A complete and powerful email delivery solution for Companies and App Developers that safeguard networks from outbound spam and malware helping web hosts save time and money.

VIMANAMAIL Outgoing Email Features:
1. Envelope Sender – manage the email address and senders name that would be seen by the email recipient
2. Email Search – allows users to narrow the email search criteria by subject, sender, date and more
3. Web Console – provides an interface to status, configurations, reports and others
4. Email Archiving – keep records of sent and received emails for up to a period of three (3) months
5. Threat Scanning – Scans emails for malware, virus and spam

VIMANAMAIL supports two Outgoing Email Solutions for different purposes:

SMTP Authentication

An ideal email delivery solution for System Administrators. The solution is in the form of server to server communication with easy configuration. Compatible with all SMTP servers that have email redirection functions using TLS/SSL Authentication — such as: Postfix, QMail, Sendmail, Microsoft Exchange, Exim, Axigen and others.

VIMANAMAIL can also be implemented directly on Email clients that have SMTP authentication capabilities that support TLS Authentication.

For special configurations, you may contact [insert contact details here] to begin discussions.

SMTP API (Transactional Email)

A very easy solution for software developer using VIMANAMAIL’s SMTP API which is based on the JSON Rest API commonly used with HTTPS security.

A copy of the User Manual for Developers is available here HELP.

Features Comparison


API HTTPS ProtocolYesYesYes
JSON Rest APIYesYesYes
API KeyYesYesYes

SMTP Authentication
SMTP AuthenticationYesYesYes
TLS/SSL EncryptionYesYesYes

Cloud SolutionYesYesYes
IP Sender RestrictionYesYesYes
IPv4 DeliveryYesYesYes
IPv6 DeliveryYesYesYes
HTTPS Web ConsoleYesYesYes
Traffic ReportYesYesYes
Email Size Limit2MB25MB50MB
Multiple Scanning EnginesYesYesYes
Antivirus, Antimalware ScanningYesYesYes
Anti-Spam ScanningYesYesYes
Anti-Ransomware ScanningYesYesYes
Domain Allowlisting and BlocklistingYesYesYes
Email Allowlisting and BlocklistingYesYesYes
Domain Level RulesYesYesYes
Dashboard with StatisticsYesYesYes
TLS Outgoing EncryptionYesYesYes
List and Release Quarantined EmailYesYesYes
Read Quarantine EmailYesYesYes
Email Traffic DashboardYesYesYes
Online Ticket Support05050
Email Traffic per Day30100020000
Email Traffic per Month75020000100000
DKIM SupportYesYesYes
Maximum Email Destination (to/cc/bcc)21025