Email Archiving

Comply regulator compliance and never loose any single email

Email Archiving stores any email (incoming and outgoing) to our storage or any S3 compatible storage for later access. It is necessary for an organisation to have a full backup of email communcations to recover lost or deleted emails, restore new server or even to satisfy industry regulation audit or investigation to meet legal compliance.


Compress and encrypt emails on archived, create a secure and smaller file to save.

Incoming / Outgoing

Select between incoming or outgoing email, or you can also select both types of email to archive.

User Friendly

Easy to search and resend based on sender, recipient, date or subject. Resend any email to destination anytime.

Local & S3

Selection between local storage and S3 compatible. We provide storage to archive your emails as well as you are free to use your own S3 compatible account.

Disaster Recovery

As a disaster recovery and data redudancy solution, restore any email or whole emails after you rebuild your mail server. Quick recover your emails and never loose single one.

Legal Compliance

Find email for investigation purpose is easy. Free to search based on sender, recipient, date or subject.

Email Retention on Compliance

Easy to increase email retention to meet your IT Compliance. Increase storage space on email retention.