VIMANA is a mythological flying palace or chariot described in Hindu texts and Sanskrit epics. Sometimes described as ancient anti gravitation technology on flying object. This story represent as a part of Prambanan Temple, Indonesia. Country where VIMANAMAIL is developed.

VIMANAMAIL is a next generation cloud based email security solution that aims to reduce IT operational load and minimize server investment. Lead by IT experience with more than 25 years in IT industry. Headquartered in Indonesia, developed by PT PROSPERITA SISTEM INDONESIA and distributed worldwide by PROSPERITA GROUPS – a leading Indonesian IT Security company since 2008.

Our main server distributed in several datacenter in Indonesia under our own ASN (Autonomous System Number) and IP Addresses as private cloud.

VIMANAMAIL technology provided by www.awanpintar.id

For partnership inquiries, email partner@vimanamail.id

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