3. Testing Your VIMANAMAIL

3. Testing Your VIMANAMAIL

There is alot online email server test on the Internet.

SMTP Host:
Port: 25
Email From:
Email To: YourEmail@yourdomain

Fill in all required columns, then press ‘Send the Test’

If you can receive an email from anything@anything.tld on your mailbox yourname@yourdomain, it means your configuration is correct. Congratulation!

Note #1: If you can not receive any email (vimanamail configuration)
Check your ‘Destination Server’ on ‘Domain Management’ –> Configuration
Makes sure it is pointed to your Email server using IP address.

Note #2: If you can not receive any email (firwall)
Whitelist out sender hostname or IP Address on the firewall, any mail from this host will be accepted. You may reject other host to increase security.

Note #3: If you can not receive some email (Error 451)
Your server might have smtp receive limit. These emails will be resend after your server is available to receive. Please check your server configuration and disable this feature for our server to speed up email delivery.