FAQ Category: 1. Getting Started

3. Testing Your VIMANAMAIL

There are a lot of online email servers to run a test on the Internet.Example: SMTP Host : Port : 25 Email From : anyemail@yourdomain Email To : YourEmail@yourdomain Fill in all required columns, then “Send the Test” If you can receive an email from in your mailbox YourEmail@yourdomain, it means your…
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4. Changing MX Record on DNS

As simple as changing your MX record on DNS and pointing to our MX recordpriority 1 for mx1.vimanamail.idpriority 5 for If your DNS server using BIND, you may follow the format below:domaniname. IN MX 1 IN MX 5 If your domain is: the format to follow will IN MX 1 IN MX 5…
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2. Add New Domain

To add a domain to VIMANAMAIL, simply go to“Domain” –> “New” Write down your domain and server IP address to point to your server. Makes sure you have access to one of these emails:admin@yourdomainadministrator@yourdomainpostmaster@yourdomain VIMANAMAIL will send an approval email to one of these emails to complete the registration. For the registration status, simpy go…
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1. Sign Up

To sign-up, go to the “Sign Up” menu on the top of this page. Make sure to use valid email address to confirm registration.