FAQ Category: 2. Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get this product for FREE ?

YES !We have free version of our product. Once you add your domain, it will automatically registered for free product. No payment nedded. Please read on free product information for detailed features.

Email Privacy

Security and Privacy are our concerns. VIMANAMAIL has no interest in keeping your emails on our server.. We are interested in email security, reading body header email, searching for spam, viruses and other malware then deliver ‘pass-through’ clean emails to your server once connected. VIMANAMAIL will keeps spams , viruses and malwares for certain days…
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Scanning Engine

VIMANAMAIL uses multiple scanning engines to fight against email spam and malware. These engines are integrated and real-time scanning is done on incoming emails.

Is registration FREE ?

YES !you can sign up VIMANAMAIL for FREE. No credit card or other payment method required.