1. Getting Started

To signup, you can go to Sign Up menu on the top of this page. Makes sure using valid email address to confirm registration.

To add a domain to VIMANAMAIL, simply go to Domain Management –> Configuration
Write down your domain and server IP address to point your server.

Makes sure you have access to one of these emails:

VIMANAMAIL will send an approval email to one of those emails. Without approval, registration will be failed.

There is alot online email server test on the Internet.

SMTP Host:
Port: 25
Email From:
Email To: YourEmail@yourdomain

Fill in all required columns, then press ‘Send the Test’

If you can receive an email from anything@anything.tld on your mailbox yourname@yourdomain, it means your configuration is correct. Congratulation!

Note #1: If you can not receive any email (vimanamail configuration)
Check your ‘Destination Server’ on ‘Domain Management’ –> Configuration
Makes sure it is pointed to your Email server using IP address.

Note #2: If you can not receive any email (firwall)
Whitelist out sender hostname or IP Address on the firewall, any mail from this host will be accepted. You may reject other host to increase security.

Note #3: If you can not receive some email (Error 451)
Your server might have smtp receive limit. These emails will be resend after your server is available to receive. Please check your server configuration and disable this feature for our server to speed up email delivery.

As simple as changing your MX record on DNS and pointing to our MX record
priority 1 for
priority 5 

If your DNS server using BIND, you may follow the format below:
domaniname. IN MX 1
domainname. IN MX 5

If your domain is: so the format will be IN MX 1
.com. IN MX 5

It will change your mail routing to our server and we will deliver your email to your server. Protect your server exposed from public.
This propagation takes 24 hours to complete worldwide. In some cases, this can take up to 48 hours, depending on DNS record TTLs.

2. Frequently Asked Questions

Security and Privacy are our concerns. VIMANAMAIL has no interest on keeping your emails on our server. We are interested in email security, reading body header email, searching for spam, virus and other malware then deliver ‘pass-through’ the clean ones to your server once connected.

VIMANAMAIL keeps spams, viruses nd malwares for certain days on quarantine folder which you can also see and managed.

you can sign up VIMANAMAIL for FREE

VIMANAMAIL using multiple scaning engines to fight againts email spam and malware. Those engines are integrated and realtime scanning on incoming email.

3. Console Features

Adding more person to manage your domain can be easy via Profiles menu.
Select your domain, then click “Add New” to add new user based on email address

Select your domain to see and release quarantined email.

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